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Brent G. Dodge

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Detective Division










The Detective Division is comprised of one Sergeant, two criminal detectives, and one full time narcotics detective.

The Detective Division is responsible for the investigation of all serious crimes, and manpower permitting, the investigation of lesser crimes.

The daily volume of new case assignments compels investigators to allocate their time on a priority basis with the most serious crimes receiving first consideration. The extent of other investigations is determined by the circumstances involved, along with the amount of available time.

The basic purpose of the Detective Division is to investigate designated serious crimes in order to arrest and convict perpetrators and recover stolen property. If the perpetrator has not been arrested, the detective must analyze and integrate the information attained, continuing his investigation. His skill and ability, his background of experience, and his possession of many facts for similarly related investigations qualify him for this task.

To reach his objectives, he seeks the aid of experts in specialized fields, technicians, forensic specialists, etc., and couples this with his training, his developed knowledge of informants and his experience in dealing with a number of perpetrators. His investigation must be complete in every detail to assure a successful prosecution and conviction when present in a court of law.

The detective assigned to narcotics investigation is part of the Broome County Drug Task Force coordinated by the Broome County District Attorney's Office. The Narcotics detective also works with the NYSP CNET Unit and the Federal Drug Task Force.

The storage and safekeeping of all found property or evidence is handled by a trained Evidence Officer. The department has a secure Property/Evidence Storage Facility which is alarmed and under 24 hour surveillance.

The Detective Supervisor oversees the operations of the Property/Evidence Storage Facility.

The normal hours for the Detective Division are 8:00 A.M. to 11:00 P.M. Monday through Saturday. During other hours, there is always a detective on call and available to respond, day or night, to any incident requiring immediate investigation.

Anyone having information on any type of drug activity in the Village, or any other information they would like to pass on to the Detective Division, may contact us by telephone or email. Any information will be kept confidential.

The Detective Division may be called directly at 798-9318. If you wish to send an email, click on the button below.

You can E-Mail the Detective Division here.

In accordance with Megan's Law, the Johnson City Police Department will maintain and provide access to the N.Y. State sub-directory of high risk sex offenders. Any citizen may view the sub-directory after completing the necessary written request. To view the sub-directory, contact the Johnson City Police Department Detective Division, Monday through Friday, 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.

The local on-line Sex Offender Registry is hosted by the Broome County Sheriff's Office and can be viewed by clicking HERE.

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