Village Of Johnson City

Police Department

31 Avenue C

Johnson City, NY 13790

Dispatch (607) 729-9321

Records (607) 798-9561

Fax (607) 729-1883





Brent G. Dodge

Chief of Police



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The Johnson City Police Department has received several complaints of a scam involving a caller who claims that you have won 2.5 Million Dollars in a Clearing House Sweepstakes. The caller will then ask for a fee to be paid via an electronic payment or "gift card" type card from various locations. The caller will ask for you to give them the scratch off numbers on the rear of the card. The caller will regularly call back stating that the winnings did not clear customs and that the person needs to send further money for a "Customs Fee." The calls are regularly coming from Jamaica, or the Dominican Republic and the caller will have a heavy Caribbean Accent. Please be aware that these scams are ongoing and that the primary targets are the elderly population.


Police Departments in the area have been receiving numerous complaints involving Grandmother schemes. In these incidents, elderly residents are receiving phone calls from a person who will say "Grandma," or "Grandpa" when answered. The person on the other end of the call will wait for the person to call them by name and then play along. Usually the caller will request money be sent to them, generally out of the country, because they are in some kind of trouble. The person will also generally request that no other family members are notified of the incident. Please be aware of this and advise elderly family members not to fall for such a scheme. If you have any suspicion that someone has fallen for such a scheme please notify the police immediately.


The Binghamton Police Crime Prevention Unit has issued an E-Mail Scam Alert to area residents. The scam involves an E-Mail which purports to represent a delivery carrier. The message claims the recipient has a package and requests insurance coverage to be paid by credit card or money order. If the recipient provides the scammer with a credit card number or money order, the money most likely can not be recovered. Please be aware and never send money or give your credit card number to unknown recipients.






We hope you enjoy your stay as you browse through the pages we have provided to acquaint you with our department and the services we provide to the community.

The Johnson City Police Department is made up of 34 Full-Time Police Officers, 6 civilian personnel and 1 police chaplain. The Police Department is managed by Chief Brent Dodge.

All members of the department are committed to providing the highest quality of service to all of our residents and visitors. The department consists of a Patrol Division including a Traffic Division, and a Detective Division including a Juvenile Unit, and Narcotics Unit. Specialized units within the department consist of a bicycle patrol program, two canine units, and a multi-agency Special Response Team.

The Village of Johnson City covers 4.3 square miles and has a resident population of 15,535 people. Johnson City is home to a regional medical center and the largest indoor shopping mall in the region. Johnson City has experienced a great deal of commercial growth in recent years and, due to our central location, is the commuting hub of the Triple Cities. As a result, the Village's daily population swells to between 40,000 and 50,000 people.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Johnson City Police Department is the safeguarding of all citizens lives and property, the preservation of their constitutional rights, and to maintain a high standard of quality of life for all of Johnson City's residents and visitors. The police department will strive to develop a police service that meets unique neighborhood needs by combining law enforcement activities with progressive crime prevention strategies.

Future Challenges

One of the greatest challenges facing the department in the future continues to be the drug problem and associated crime. The proliferation of drugs in our community has had a profound impact on many neighborhoods and has caused property crime such as burglary and larceny to increase. Combating the drug problem will continue to be one of our highest priorities.









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